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You can bet you are in violation of the GDPR now!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

GDPR is the applicable law, and it enjoyed a 'grace period' from Authorities. Companies might have become complacent in these two years rather than focusing resources and efforts on establishing, maintaining, controlling, and strengthening their own GDPR compliance implementation. Don't wonder whether your are in violation of the GDPR: if you do actually wonder, you can bet you are already in violation.

A non-profit foundation which pursues claims for violations of privacy rights, is suing Oracle and Salesforce in action representing millions of individuals objecting to the use of their personal data.

The damages could exceed €10 billion if the legal proceedings are successful, the NGO said.

The case is set to be filed on Friday at the District Court of Amsterdam and a similar one is due to be filed later this month at the High Court in London England.

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